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Our friendly, eager-to-serve-you crew has over 50 years of combined professional event planning and management experience.

Pre-event consultation that’ll help lay the groundwork for your event. Here you’ll share your thoughts and goals and we’ll share our experienced suggestions and tips for a well-thought-out event plan.

“As a regionally-recognized business, we strive to keep our focus on building relationships and continually going beyond expectations.”

– Joseph Chera, President & Party Pro

prize wheel at game party

From Joe

Like a lot of people, I’ve always liked music and its ability to compliment, alter, or enhance a person’s mood on any given day and in any given circumstance.  I grew up in a musical family and then in college, I found myself hanging out at the campus radio station.  When I had the chance to run my own on-air show, I realized that I could share my enthusiasm for music with anyone that cared to tune in.   But there was something missing.

After college I found myself working my way up the ladder at some of the country’s top rated radio stations right here in New York City.  It was hard work and I loved every second of it.  It wasn’t just playing music to crowds of people, it was creating an event.  Memorable celebrations that people wanted to be a part of.  And we had to be at the top of our game 15-20 times per week because if we weren’t, there were three hundred other guys waiting to take our places.  It was here that I found what I had been missing doing my college radio show.  It was that “Show Biz” ingredient.  Not just playing music that you think people enjoy, but building something special around it.   This is a key element that, to this day, fifteen years later, we fully incorporate into every Big Town event that we sign up for.  The music is so important but it is not the only thing that makes your party great.  In addition to sounding great, it needs to look great, feel great, and at the end of the day, it needs to be better than what your crowd, your guests, and your customers were expecting.

And that’s why we call ourselves “Big Town”.  It’s an attitude that we have to be better that the other guys and try harder to over deliver whenever possible. We’ve pulled a pretty amazing team of people together over the years that share in that belief.  These are professionals that have built their reputations in our industry right here in the Big Town, New York City.  Our team boasts a wide variety of backgrounds, professions, abilities, and interests, but we all come together to bring you an experience that you won’t soon, if ever, forget.

It really doesn’t matter to us how large or small your event is… if your share in our vision, and we’re lucky enough to earn your trust, thats a Big Deal to us here at Big Town Productions.

Thank you so much for checking us out and please reach out to us with any questions.