Frequently Asked Questions

Why are DJ services more expensive than a party?

The answer lies in the time and effort we take to make your once-in-a-lifetime event flawless. We spend a good deal of time going the extra mile behind the scenes and before your event to ensure everything goes as you’d like it to. There are multiple consultations with you, your venue, your photographer, as well as time spent on preparing your custom playlist, purchasing party props, loading equipment and backup equipment, setup, break-down, event insurance and preparing your event outline. We feel — and we believe you will feel — that our preparation and organization is well worth the money spent for our services.

What can go wrong? What about failing equipment or if you get sick?

Big Town Productions takes great care to ensure that not only is our equipment always top of the line and in great shape but we back up everything from our sound gear to our music library to our lighting. In fact, we have multiple DJs available so that if by chance (and this has never happened) there is an emergency with your scheduled DJ, you’ll have a talented backup DJ, MC and great equipment at your event. Our record to date is 100% stellar.

How do I decide what music should be played at my wedding? I want all my guests to have fun.

This is one of the most important reasons to choose to hire Big Town Productions. Our DJs are pros. We’ll talk about your music selections in our pre-event consultation and we’ll help you look at your guest list so you can decide on a basic direction for the event. Most couples provide us with a list of ìmust playî songs they want to hear during their cocktail hour, dinner or on the dance floor. You also provide a list of ìdo not playî songs. Most of the time, the rest of your music comes from the years of crowd-reading experience our DJs bring. Requests or no requests, that’s your choice ó but we’ll provide the music you and your guests want to hear to ensure a good time is had by all

How can I make my corporate event fun and different?

Try introducing features that engage your peers. Having a DJ is a great start and for even more fun, try throwing organized Team Trivia, Jukebox Bingo, Karaoke or even a Photo Booth into the mix. These added features will put your event over the top and leave your fellow employees talking about the event you planned well into the future.

I want my event to run smoothly. Will you work with my venue to make sure this happens?

Communication is vital to making sure everything is perfect — and not just between you and your vendors but between the vendors themselves. Big Town Productions works with your venue and other vendors ahead of time to make sure, logistically, everything is thought out and there are no surprises. From load-in time and location to power and sound restrictions to insurance and house regulations, we make sure everyone is on the same page and you come out looking — and feeling — like a champ.

How do I secure a date with Big Town Productions?

After contacting Big Town and discussing your event over the phone or at our face-to-face consultation, your event will be listed in our calendar as ìTentative.î To secure your date, we require a 25% non-refundable deposit. Upon receipt of payment, you’ll be issued a contract reserving Big Town Productions’ services for your event and date. Your tentative listing goes away and the date is yours.

Why would I hire a DJ and not just use my iPod? 

This is a question we get frequently. For an event where music is more of a second thought, set as a background filler, this might be the most cost effective route for you. If having more of an emphasis on your party calls for a live DJ with a sound system, microphone, attention to requests, lights, no “dead air” in between songs and a limitless music library, we’d love to chat with you about how Big Town Productions can enhance your next event.

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